5 Stages of Building A Retaining Wall In Your Garden

Posted By on Aug 8, 2015 |

Wondering what your next home improvement project might be?  Why not enhance your garden by introducing a retaining wall?

Retaining walls can really make your garden more beautiful, and give you more space to plant flowers.  Not only that a retaining wall will add to the beauty of your garden, but it will also make your house look more like a home with pretty flower beds outside.  All in all, a pretty retaining wall outside your home will ultimately add value to your property, and it will make it on nicer place to live.

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If you want to build a retaining wall you can do so yourself, since it is pretty easy, and it is a perfect project for all people like to do home improvement projects by themselves.  Here are some tips on how to build a retaining wall in your garden.

  1. Planning

furniture-purchasing-tips-forBy planning you layout, you will avoid any possible mistakes when it comes to building a retaining wall.  Try to avoid spouts since they will damage your retaining wall, also you should try to avoid piling up the ground against your house.  Prior to building a retaining wall you should mark out the area where the wall is going to be, and for this purpose you can use a hose, or a spray can.

  1. Tamping

In order to build a good retaining wall you will have to make a good base by using gravel and tamping the ground with a tamper.  A leveled out base is essential to building a leveled retaining wall.

  1. Putting Blocks

Bocks for retaining walls are easily put together, since they mostly fit one another.  Still, you will have to determine the number of books you will use for your retaining wall, in order to know how much blocks you will have to acquire.  Also, you should be aware that in the first row will be half-buried in the ground.

  1. Leveling

Once you start putting the blocks, you will have to make sure that they in level.  Check for a level after each block, or periodically, in order to make a nice looking retaining wall.  If some blocks are too high you should put them back in with a hammer.  If however, some blocks are too low put some gravel underneath them in order to level them out.

  1. Finishing Touches

Now all that’s left for you to finish a retaining wall is to use some gravel in order to provide drainage for the plants, before placing the soil and the plants within your retaining wall.  Your plants will never have looked better in their brand new flower beds within this amazing retaining wall you have built all by yourself.