Explore The Options For Door Locks In Your New Home

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Moving to a new home is an exciting phase in your life because it offers new beginnings for you and your family. In most cases, people move into a bigger and better home to cater for an increase in family size or to upgrade their lifestyle. Whatever your reason for moving into a new house, it is a good idea to ensure that you secure it to protect your valuable belongings. At this point, you need to look at the options for door locks in your new home. I gave my buddy over at DenverLocksmithPros.net a call to help me with this article and I think we did a great job, haha, tell me what you think in the comments.

high-security-lock-Keeping in mind that there is an increase in the number of burglaries across the country, you should choose a good lock that will deter the opportunistic intruders. You choice of a lock will be determined by personal preference, the type of door and also the budget that you have available for the locks. The type of lock you install on a door will also depend on the location of the door. The lock for a door within a house does not have to be sophisticated while the front door needs a tough lock. Intruders may not always attempt to break in using the front door. It is therefore a good idea to also secure your windows with locks designed for the purpose.

Types of door locks

The keyed door knob – This is the most common lock found in homes across America. People love this lock because it is available in numerous shapes, sizes and designs. This type of lock is also popular because it is the cheapest across the board. The mortise lock is the most popular keyed door knob and is loved by many because the lock is fixed within the frame of the door and thus offers more security.

This type of lock performs two functions; it acts as a door knob and at the same time it also has a deadlock. This type of lock is a good choice on a door that is often used such as a door to a government office that receives numerous visitors. If you need additional security, you have the option of choosing a combination lock. The main disadvantage of this lock is that being a popular type, there are many experienced thieves that can open it.

kevolockDeadbolts – If you need a lock that can only be opened by the action of turning the bolt in the lock with the key, the deadbolt lock is a good choice. This type of lock is more secure than a lock with a knob because it is more difficult for thieves or other unwanted people to manipulate. There are some types of deadbolt locks that are fitted within the door while others are fixed on the surface of the door. You may choose to go for a single or double cylinder deadbolt locks. This type of deadbolt comes with a cylinder knob that you use to open the door.

Keyless locks – Many people are now choosing to have digital locks installed in their homes. This type of lock comes with a numbered keypad that you access via code. Anyone who does not have the correct code cannot be able to access the house. If you are the type of person that loses keys, or you do not like giving your key to others, this is a good choice of a lock.

keyless lockUnlike other locks that are easy easily picked by intruders, this one is more secure because one has to know the code to unlock the door. There are some concerns that the keypad may be affected by tear and wear resulting in reduced efficiency. If you are determined to have keyless door locks, you may also choose to go for the fingerprint lock.

To access a room, you have to place your finger on the lock for it to read and open. This is a good lock for a room full of important documents because no one can access the room without your assistance. The main advantage of keyless locks is that they can be linked to your security company. In case you are not home, and someone attempts a break-in, the locks and security system can be programmed to send a signal to your security company. If you go for the latest locks, you can be able to open or lock your door using your smartphone.

With so many model and types of locks on the market, you need to take you time to find the ideal one for your needs.